Monday, April 17, 2006


I got my bike fixed today. After Wolverine decided to do some stunts with it. I found it in a mangled pile in the garage and immeadiately knew it was him. He's the only person who ever takes the thing anywhere. Why is it always my things he takes? I bet if I had a wife, he'd want her too.

But what's up with that anyways? I mean come on. He can get his own stuff. Why does he always have to take mine? I'll get him one day though. When he's not looking. I'll sneak up on him or something. Poison hi- wait. Poisons don't work. Maybe I can hire Mystique to kill him or something. Yeah.... I think I'll do that.

Friday, April 14, 2006


It seems things are getting out of control on these blogs. I've been hearing things. Strange looks. Missing personal items. As if I don't do enough for you people around here. Constantly taking charge and getting you to victory.

I mean. By God. Is it that hard to respect your leader? And teacher? Hmm?